Buy/Trade Wishlist!

I am willing to look at anything, these are just my preferences :).
Angelic Pretty:

pink, yellow, red only!

Any color


Any color

Any color, preferably white

Any, but pictured is my preference.

Dark Pink

Pink, White

Pink, White


White, Pink







Pink , White

Any color but mint

Any color


Mint, Lavender


Any color

Any color

Circle Lens Review!

After seeing many pictures of girls with circle lenses (and thinking how cute the big eyed look is), I decided to take the plunge and buy myself some. I bought a pair of GEO Nudy Green from a seller on the comm sales, And I received them today!

While the color doesn't look too impressive on their own, after putting them in I saw that they give a nice, subtle effect.
  Right eye with lens
    Same eye without lens
So as you can see, the color isn't all that vibrant and it's only slightly greener than my natural eyes. The enlargement effect is rather nice though, I can't wait to see how these look with make-up on!

Pros: Really comfortable, doesn't give that weird misty effect in my vision that my non circle lenses gave, the enlargement is nice and not too obvious.
Cons: The color isn't as vibrant as the stock photos led me to believe.

All in all, I'm liking my new circle lenses and I can't wait to get more pairs! Maybe something bigger and brighter next time ^0^
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You Don't Know How Much of Your Life is in Your Wallet Until It's Gone...

So last Friday when I was on the bus to attend the monthly meetup in SF, I got my wallet STOLEN OUT OF MY FUCKING BAG!!!!! It really messed things up for me. I had to skip the meetup and wait around until my mom got to SF so she could pick me up and take me home (I had no more money to get home), and I was going to buy a skirt off of my friend Maggie but the cash I had to pay for it was now gone.

At first I thought, 'Okay maybe it was dropped and I couldn't find it'. But no, because this asshole tried to use my debit card at a gas station (which Customer Protection with Bank of America blocked), Mcdonald's (I have to file a claim now because this went through), another gas station (Also have to file a claim on), and Civic Center BART station (My card was long blocked by then so luckily this didn't go through). I really had no idea how many important things are in your wallet and how scary the experience was until it happened to me.

I've since ordered a new debit card and medical insurance card. I still need to replace my ID card with the state and my school, along with a bus pass and the electronic card to get into my apartment building. I also need to file a claim on the 2 transactions that happened after the theft.

All in all, it could have been worse but it still really sucks.
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Sales Feedback

In light of recent issues surrounding the DBS's neutrality, I no longer wish to continue using it.  Please leave any feedback for me here instead of there.


my first REAL loli dress!

I'm so excited to wear my bodyline dress! It's really the first real loli outfit I own besides things I picked up at stores that are more loliable. It's also my first sweet loli, my lolialbe outfit it more classic

pic of my bodyline dress in SF Japantown:

dress: bodyline
bolero: H&M
headress: bodyline
socks: EGL sales
shoes: Ling Lam (can't really see them)
parasol: Ichiban Kan (store in japantown)
bag: had it around the house, not sure where it came from
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